W1S1 [nju:z US nu:z] n [U]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: new]
1.) information about something that has happened recently
I'm not sure how he's going to react to the news.
The good news is that tomorrow will be fine and sunny.
You seem upset - not bad news , I hope?
We are delighted at the news that our daughter is expecting a baby.
The fall in house prices will be welcome news for first time buyers.
news on
What's the latest news on your university application?
David's just told me an interesting piece of news .
Do you have any news for me?
news of/about
Everyone is shocked by the news of the arrests.
Sit down and tell me all your news .
Have you heard the news ? We're going to get married.
How would he break the news to Mary that he'd been lying to her?
People living near a disused factory have welcomed the news that it is to be demolished.
Friday's news was greeted with enthusiasm in Denmark.
News of the tragedy spread quickly around the town.
2.) reports of recent events in the newspapers or on the radio or television
a late evening news broadcast
We've got the news headlines coming up at half past twelve.
a news and current affairs programme
Here's the sports news from Jane Murray.
the latest news from the Olympic stadium
news about/on/of
news on the latest developments in the talks
news that
Several evening papers carried the news that a cabinet minister was about to resign.
local/regional/national/international news
Twenty years ago environmental issues rarely made the news (=were considered important enough to be in the news) .
be in the news
Hong Kong is in the news this morning.
His resignation was front page news (=was important news) .
news story/report/item
Never before has a news story triggered such sensational sales of the newspaper.
3.) the news
a regular television or radio programme that gives you reports of recent events
the ten o'clock news
Let's watch the news .
Be quiet. I want to listen to the news .
on the news
It must be true - I heard it on the news last night.
switch/turn/put on the news
(=turn the television or radio on so that you can watch or hear the news)
4.) be good/bad news for sb
if the facts about something are good or bad news for someone, they are likely to make life better or worse for them
There is no legal market for African ivory, which is good news for the elephants.
5.) he's/she's bad news informal
used to say that someone is likely to cause trouble
Stay away from that guy, he's bad news.
6.) be news
if someone or something is news, people are interested in them at the moment and want to know about them
European fashions are big news right now in the States.
7.) that's news to me!
spoken used when you are surprised or annoyed because you have not been told something earlier
'The meeting's been cancelled.' 'That's news to me!'
8.) I've got news for you
spoken used to say that you are going to tell someone the facts about something, which they will probably not like to hear
You may think I'm finished, but I've got news for you - I'll be back.
9.) no news is good news
spoken used when you have not received any news about someone and you hope this means that nothing bad has happened
COLLOCATES for sense 1
good/bad news
great/wonderful/terrible etc news
news that
welcome news (=good news)
the latest news
a piece/bit of news
have some news (for somebody)
tell somebody some news
hear some news
break the news (to somebody) (=tell someone about something for the first time)
welcome the news (=be happy about something)
greet the news with something
news spreads
News is an uncountable noun. Use singular forms with it, not plural: The news was good (NOT were good). |I was surprised by this news (NOT these news).

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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